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Dress codes

July 16, 2013

DRESS CODES, as we know, have a purpose, which is to socialize and to build community identity and solidarity. These are often seen as pernicious ends, and the dress codes by which they are carried out are seen as exclusionary and anti-democratic. This is a pity, as dress codes are no more than the sartorial accompaniment to good manners: common standards by which we can show respect for others, even as we show respect for ourselves. Attending a White House dinner in a tee-shirt and jeans would be a disgrace to the wearer perhaps even more than it would show disrespect toward the nation and the President of the United States. Dress codes, like manners, create a level playing field for their adherents, and they can be cheerful and attractive to boot.

How fine a thing it is, then, to encounter a standard of dress that is both characterized by taste, ease, and comfort and whose explanation is the very definition of graciousness. We would expect nothing less of the Coral Beach & Tennis Club.

We know you will want to feel comfortable during the day and in the evening on the subject of dress in a family club. During the evenings, a jacket and tie are requested in the Clubhouse. In the daytime, we ask guests to please wear shoes, wraps, or shirts. In summertime, a jacket is suggested in the evenings but not required. Thursdays and Saturdays are generally a bit more dressy. On the Beach Terrace, dress is always casual and bathing attire is quite acceptable. In the evening, resort casual wear is usual. It is important that young people make every effort to dress in an acceptable and adult fashion. Jeans are not acceptable.1


1. “General Dining Info,” Coral Beach & Tennis Club, accessed July 16, 2013,

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  1. penelopebianchi permalink
    September 9, 2014 12:02 am

    I am assuming “blue jeans” are not allowed! Thank God standards are upheld! “blue jeans” (whatever their condition is: faded, ripped, falling apart….belong on “horseback”!

    Nowhere else. A lone voice.


    ps “white jeans” and “black jeans” (not faded; pristine and clean) should be exempt from the rules. They are not “blue jeans”!!

    they are white….and they are black. they are not blue. Not faded, not ripped….not all those hideous things!


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